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Chairs for Baby’s Meal

6 Portable High Chairs for Baby’s Meal Time


Whether you are visiting grandma, traveling, or dining out, feeding your baby in these situations can be overwhelming and messy. It looks even more difficult if you don’t have a proper baby chair and table. But now, this problem is solved because of the availability of portable baby high chairs. These high chairs are extremely handy and make your baby’s feeding time fuss-free and easy. So, you can take these high chairs with you whether you are going for dinner in the restaurant or a short picnic. These chairs are exceptionally cute and light. As an added advantage, you can set up these portable high chairs anywhere without any extra effort. If you are willing to buy a beautiful and versatile high chair without breaking your monthly budget, then it is only possible. This website gives vouchers and promotions to potential shoppers. Find the Babyshop coupon code and insert it at the billing counter in order to catch the cut-rate on several high chairs. We have created a list of best and space-saving high chairs that are perfect for any interior and space.

Types of Portable High Chairs:

There are two main types of high chairs that are designed according to your baby’s comfort and need. Here are two types of portable high chairs given:

  • Booster Seats:

These kinds of chairs offer maximum boost and provide appropriate height according to the table. Moreover, you can remove the tray if your baby is a little heavy. In this way, your baby can enjoy the meal with utmost comfort. This type of chair holds up to 45 to 50 pounds.

  • Hook-on High Chairs:

You can attach a hook-on high chair to the side of the dining table. They are designed for toddlers and hold up to 35 to 40 pounds. That’s why we recommend this chair as it grows with your baby and highly functional.

InglesniaFast Table Chair:

This hook-on high chair is compatible with different types of tables. From square to round tables, you can fix this high chair with any table. Plus, you can easily set up this high chair and can feed your baby. An additional benefit, it is ultra-light and has an extra pocket for stashing baby essentials.


It comes with a carry bag so that you can take this high chair with you to any restaurant. The good thing is that it is available in various color options and snugly fits your kid.

Phil and Teds Lobster High Chair:

If you are hunting for a high chair that works great in several eating venues, grab this one without any question. Further, it is really easy to use and lightweight as well. Your baby can sit with utmost comfort thanks to its durable material and portable design. For more support, it has padded shoulder straps. Its heavy-duty construction and portable aesthetic are travel-friendly. Take advantage of the Babyshop coupon code which is achievable from and makes your baby’s eating time much more special at an affordable rate.

Bumbo Multi High Seat:

This high chair is suitable for babies and toddlers. It is really versatile and comfortable high chair at a reasonable price point. From floor seat to a feeding seat and booster seat, you can use it for different purposes and different places. The seat has soft foam which keeps your baby comfy and relaxed. It also has safety straps for added comfort. As an added bonus, you can easily pack this high chair in your bag for travel use.

ChiccoPocket Snack Booster Seat:

If your baby is big or healthy, then this seat is surely for you. Its anti-slip feet keep your baby in place. It is compatible with several dining tables due to its adjustable height feature. It can hold up to 50 pounds. Its compact fold and straps allow you to take it anywhere with utmost comfort. Bonus, you can easily clean this booster chair because of its simple construction. What else do you want in a high chair?

Cozy Baby Portable High Chair:

This high chair is extremely versatile as you can fold it and keep it in your purse, bag, or diaper bag. Just slip it over any chair’s back and secure the straps. That’s all. It is super light and safe for babies. Additionally, you can wash this high chair in the washing machine. Don’t forget it is appropriate only for six months and older. If you can’t afford expensive high chairs then it is a perfect option.

Summer Infant Deluxe Folding Seat:

This one is our favorite in this list due to its compact folding design and lightweight quality. You can take this chair with you on any event or journey. Utilize the Babyshop coupon code which is available and get this booster chair at a nominal price.

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