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The best 14 logo makers to design unique logos

Here this post shares the top 14 logo-making tools for creating your own logo in just one minute.

You can create high-quality original logos even if you cannot use Photoshop or Illustrator. You can use it as it is or use it as a starting point for logo design.

Let’s check these 14 tools one by one.

14 websites that make it very easy to create your own logo.


DesignEvo is a method of selecting a pre-designed logo template and customizing the characters and position.

Since you can make it after deciding the design direction, you can quickly make a stunning logo.


LOG ASTER that allows you to create a logo in just one minute. Just enter the company name and select the logo motif. You can really make an original logo in 1 minute. In the end, you would surprise that you can see the images applied to various mockups such as business cards and websites. There is no need for a designer.

Logo Factory

LogoFactory is intuitive to use. If you enter texts and select the icon, you can check the finished image in the preview. Of course, it is available for free. If you ask a professional, it costs tens of thousands of dollars per item, but it costs you nothing if you use a logo maker.

Cool Text

Cool Text can create logos in various character styles. It feels like you can easily create Photoshop styles on the web.

Of course, it’s free and can be downloaded as transparent PNG, so it’s easy to use.

Youi Draw

This is an excellent service that allows you to create your own logo in simple steps.

There are many types of icons and logo patterns, and the quality of each one is very high. This one site may be enough. It will take some time to load the site.

Flaming Text

Flaming text can create a logo that looks like Photoshop style.

A great variety of logo patterns are available. It may be suitable not only for logos but also for making texts such as catchphrases.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden is a logo generator that creates a logo by choosing a wide variety of logos divided into genres and putting text wherever you like. It looks like graphic software that is easy to operate.

Online Logo Maker

ONLINE LOGO MAKER is a service that allows you to create an original logo on an intuitive and easy-to-edit screen. The number of icons provided is also huge and the quality is high.

Logo Maker

LogoMaker will suggest a logo close to the image when you enter the company name and select the font type. It will make logo production easier because it will narrow down the logo options to some extent.

Glitter maker

Glitter maker makes it easy to create original logos for animated GIFs.

It’s a glittering animation, so it stands out.

Squarespace Logo

Squarespace Logo is a service that allows you to create cool original logos. Just select a stylish icon and font to create a cool original logo in seconds.


With textanim2.0, you can easily create an original logo for GIF animation.

There is no doubt that it will stand out when installed on the website!


LogoTypeMaker creates various logo patterns just by entering the company name. You can use the logo as it is, or you can show a similar logo to the designer and use it as a starting point.


With Supalogo, you can create an original logo simply by selecting a design pattern and entering characters. The logo image can be downloaded in PNG format with a transparent

In conclusion

Above is the introduction of the 14 robust logo generators. It is good to make an original logo using Photoshop or Illustrator, but you can also make a high-quality original logo with a free web service. It would be great to use the generator’s logo as it is, but it is also an ant to use it as a starting point for the logo.

If you give detailed design instructions to the designer and finally make it with AI or PSD, it will be data that can be used in various media.

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