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Sheetkari Pranayama

Must Know About Sheetkari Pranayama and its Benefits

In this article, I will talk about how to do Sheetkari pranayama, its health benefits, and what precautions should be taken while doing this pranayama.

In Sheetkari Pranayama, “Sheetkari” means “cold”. Sheetkari pranayama cools the body and mind. Like Sheetali Pranayama, the practice of Sheetkari Pranayama is very simple. While doing cold pranayama, a “hiss” sound comes out of the mouth, hence the name of this pranayama is Sheetkari (cold).

The practice of Sheerkari pranayama belongs to the pranayama that provides cooling, so it should be done more during the summer season. So let me give you information about how to do Sheetkari pranayama and what are the benefits of Sheetkari pranayama. Sheetkari pranayama is one of the methods of doing pranayama. As we know pranayama is done in a different type or way. Each has a different method of doing and different benefits as well.


Do asana with a cone before doing pranayama. Sheetkari pranayama brings coolness to the body. Therefore, it should be done at last after practicing all asana and other pranayamas.

How to do sheetkari pranayama?

If you are going to give this asana the first try, then you must read the below steps carefully and keep the precaution in your mind before practicing it. 

  1. First of all, choose a clean and quiet place. Sitting in the posture of Siddhasana by laying mats or sheets.
  2. Now connect the upper jaw teeth and the lower teeth with each other. Take care to keep your lips open so that your teeth are visible. 
  3. Keep throat and head very stable and straight.
  4. Now bend the tongue or keep it flat and attach it to the palate of the tongue.
  5. Now keep the teeth attached and keep the lips open, breathe in slowly from the middle place of the teeth. While breathing in, there should be a “hissing” sound that will make you feel cold.
  6. Now hold the breath in for some time and then slowly exhale through the nose. 
  7. This was a cycle of practicing cold pranayama. Do this process 9 times.

Benefits of doing Sheetkari Pranayama 

Sheetkari pranayama benefits are given below. Read the benefits till the end so you get the desired results while practicing this asana.

  1. Reduces body heat and cools down.
  2. The amount of oxygen does not work by practicing cold pranayama every day.
  3. The practice of this pranayama causes coolness in the body and reduces the problem of sweating.
  4. With this pranayama practice, the problem of burning sensation in the stomach is removed. And this also works to relieve acidity. 
  5. This pranayama calms the whole body and mind, so if cold pranayama is practiced before sleeping, then one gets a sound sleep.
  6. Sheetkari pranayama reduces thirst and hunger.
  7. Many types of diseases are benefited by this disease like nose diseases, mouth diseases, teeth diseases. 
  8. The practice of this pranayama purifies the blood and increases the radiance of the face.
  9. Practice this asana makes your blood pressure low.

Time duration to do a Sheetkari Pranayama

If you practice Sheetkari pranayama regularly, you will get more benefits. Doing this pranayama on an empty stomach in the morning or evening gives more benefits. Perform this pranayama cycle up to fifteen times according to your capacity.

What precautions should be taken while doing Sheetkari pranayama?

  1. The practice of cold pranayama should always be followed by an empty stomach.
  2. If you do not have teeth or have broken, then do Sheetali Pranayam.
  3. If you have a constipation problem, do not do this pranayama.
  4. Do not practice Sheetkari pranayama in winter.
  1. People having diseases of phlegm and tonsils should not do this pranayama.
  2. If you have a problem of heart disease, do not stop breathing during the practice of this pranayama.
  3. Do not practice this pranayama if there is any respiratory disease.

You should perform Shavasana after practicing Sheetakari Pranayama. To learn in-depth more yoga asanas, you can also join  200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

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