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Hyperbaric Chamber

What are the Things You Must Keep in Mind Before Buying or Renting a Hyperbaric Chamber? 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a process of delivering pure oxygen to the body in a pressurized tube. When the patient is inside the chamber or tube, pure oxygen is inhaled. Due to the increase in pressure, the oxygen gas gains the ability to dissolve in other body fluids than red blood cells, such as the plasma, lipids, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluids. As a result, the carriers of oxygen increase, and the damaged tissues receive an apt amount of oxygen for healing.

For this reason, the process of HBOT has healing powers. It reduces oxidative stress, inflammation, and accelerates healing inside the body. This is why multiple individuals with certain diseases, such as decompression sickness, cerebral palsy, and other autism spectrum disorders, utilize HBOT therapy regularly.

Many patients also purchase a hyperbaric chamber for home use. However, to purchase the right chamber, which can improve your health, you need to consider a few things. Below we have discussed some factors, like how to choose the right hyperbaric chamber manufacturer that you should consider before purchasing a chamber. 

Things to Consider

The first thing that may come to your mind is, “Do you need a hyperbaric chamber?”

If your condition requires long-term treatment or support, then a hyperbaric chamber manufacturer can offer you better deals than therapy at a clinic. This is because a chamber is low-maintenance and feasible to manage. Your long-term costs would be lower. 

Let’s see the factors that you need to consider when purchasing a unit from a hyperbaric chamber manufacturer.

  1. Type of Therapy

The first thing that you should know is the therapy that you are going to receive. The dimension, size, and other features of the chamber come next.


There are two types of therapies that you can receive with a hyperbaric chamber: soft and hard therapies. The soft therapy chamber offers a pressure of up to 1.5AtA but a hard therapy chamber offers a pressure of up to 6.0 ATA. Depending on your condition, the pressure is changed by the doctor. So, ask your doctor about the pressure before talking to a hyperbaric chamber manufacturer.

  1. Dimensions of the Chamber

After the type of therapy, you should consider the dimension of the chamber. It is necessary to know if the chamber can accommodate the person who will be receiving the therapy. If you purchase a smaller dimension, then the chamber wouldn’t benefit you at all. 

  1. Accessories of the Chamber

One of the amazing features of a portable chamber is the accessories offered. Hence, according to your requirements, you can purchase an internal mattress, DVD player, air compressor, etc. However, these accessories depend on your hyperbaric chamber manufacturer. So, look for a provider who offers the accessories that you need. 

  1. Safety Ranking of the Chamber

The most essential factor to know is the rating of the chamber. Before you purchase any health equipment, check its safety rating to ensure you are buying the highest industry standards. These ratings only indicate that the hyperbaric chamber manufacturer has followed safety specifications for long-term efficiency and functionality.  

  1. Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturer

After considering these factors, you should check the reviews of the hyperbaric chamber manufacturer. Find these reviews on social media pages, official website, etc. You can also research a bit and connect with a buyer of the manufacturer to get an unbiased review of the quality of services offered by the provider. These reviews would help you make a favorable decision. 

  1. Support 

Your hyperbaric chamber manufacturer should help you with the installation and sessions. They should help you conduct at least one full session of hyperbaric therapy under their guidance. 

Some providers even offer a test run. You can avail to know the working of the chamber. 

  1. Price

While the pricing of the chamber is dependent on the quality and type, compare the pricing structure of different providers. Based on the quality, safety rating, and manufacturer’s experience, your chamber may be high priced. You just need to ensure that you are paying that price for features and feasibility that you may receive in return. 

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

Here are some additional things which are good to consider. You can improve the effectiveness and ROI of your purchase with these pointers. 

  1. Technical Support

Similar to other equipment, you should receive installation services from your hyperbaric chamber manufacturer. This technical support is extremely important for customers who don’t know how to operate the equipment and use it for therapy. The support from the manufacturer would make your task easier. 

  1. Pressure Sensitivity

In case the patient who will receive therapy has air pressure sensitivity, then consider buying a chamber with automatic decompression and compression of air. There are simple controls on these chambers to regular pressure from outside and inside. 

  1. Environment

This is a consideration for the placement of the chamber in your home. Choose a place with proper circulation to avoid feeling uncomfortable when inside the chamber. 


When you are reaching out to a hyperbaric chamber manufacturer for a unit, every feature should match your requirements. This equipment is meant to help you improve your health. Hence, this decision should be taken with the utmost care and close scrutiny. 

Evaluate every feature, choose a hyperbaric chamber manufacturer, and consult your medical expert if there’s a need. 

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