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Singapore IRAS

Singapore IRAS Statutory Compliance

Complying with the IRAS Statutory Compliance

IRAS is the government authority which looks into the matter of taxation. It is important for the Singapore companies to be compliant with the IRAS.

It is also important for the private companies along with dormant companies to file with IRAS Statutory Compliance. If the companies fail to do so then they will come across with many consequences that will affect the financial statements of the company.

It is the duty of the Singapore companies to prepare the accounting records which must have a profit and loss account along with a balance sheet and cash flow statement. These records must be kept for 5 years.

Compliance to File Tax Returns

 It is also important for the Singapore companies to file tax returns along with submitting the financial reports. It should include the financial statements and audited reports that can state the turnover of more than 20 shareholders.

If the company is unable to comply with the IRAS compliance then they have to pay a penalty or move for court prosecution. There are such companies in Singapore which are having the experts that will help the newly formed companies to file the IRAS compliance which should come under the rules and regulations.

Getting Professional Help for Corporate Filing

Most of the companies take the help from the experts of Timcole as they are best to do the work of the clients facing problems in registration. 

Companies are having the best option to visit the website where they will get the details about the IRAS compliance. Experts are available for all 24 hours so that they can cater the needs of the clients in their respective field.

Companies can also avail the facility of free quotes which helps the middle people to avail the services of the same. They are accessible for corporate compliance to comply to in Singapore so that these MNCs can avail better opportunities to expand their business internationally.

The Importance of Complying with IRAS Compliance

Experts of the company will also come at your doorstep to solve the queries of the same. Thus it is important for the Singapore companies to move for IRAS compliance so that it will save the companies from paying the penalty. It also helps you to move ahead in making a growth path for your company if you timely file the return and comply with the rules of the Singaporean government.


Singapore is the best location to expand your business in the global market and it presents great opportunities to the international companies to set up here. The companies who abide by the rules on the foreign land can easily import the material required for their companies or they can export their material to other foreign companies to expand their trade.

Tax Paying in Singapore

 The growth graph of the company can acquire the zenith position if the entrepreneur focuses on all the minor issues to be solved before any problematic situation arises. Tax paying is the responsibility of all the citizens for the amount collected via tax is used to reform the society and provide help to the deprived section of the society. IRAS performs the duty of collecting the revenue from the traders who have established their company on the land of Singapore with the hope of earning more and getting internationally acclaimed.

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