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Is the problem potency related to the prostate

Is the problem potency related to the prostate?

Just as women regularly visit a female doctor’s office for a preventive check-up, men should also be examined by a “male” doctor. Specifically, they should get used to a regular visit to an urologist who examines the prostate and also the testicles. Why is this control important for men? Not only to detect possible diseases, but also to help in the sexual field. How does potency relate to prostate health?

An important male organ

The main function of the prostate is to drain fluids from the bladder into the urethra. Sexual functions are also essential and very important – the formation of ejaculatory fluid as well as the drainage of this fluid (ejaculate, seeds) from the vas deferens. If a man develops difficulty urinating or having sex problems, he should not hesitate to see a specialist. 


It can be a disease of the prostate. The sooner treatment is started, the sooner normal and sexual life will return to normal. If he delays visiting the doctor, the prostate disorder may escalate and worsen. How does the prostate affect potency? If the prostate does not function as it should, the man may have problems with climax. Ejaculation is blocked, which generally adversely affects sexual activity. In addition to problem ejaculation, erection problems can also occur. Everything is interrelated.

There is no impotence like impotence

There are two types of impotence. The primary does not occur very often and is caused by psychological factors. If a man is afraid of sexual intercourse, is ashamed of his partner or is afraid of failure, he can induce this kind of impotence himself. Secondary impotence occurs in men of increasing age. Even though the man’s sex life so far has not been a problem, he may have an erection problem like a bolt from the blue. To solve your erection use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150

Prostate disease

There are several most common prostate diseases. Their detection and correct diagnosis is very important. Each disease requires an individual approach and treatment, but the sooner a man starts treatment, the sooner his prostate will be in full condition.

Benign hyperplasia

It is a common benign tumor in men, but it does not endanger their lives. This is the most common prostate enlargement in men of “mature” age – the risk of this benign tumor increases with age. The result of a tumor is, for example, a disorder of urination.

Prostate inflammation

Symptoms of prostatitis include pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, testicular or dam pain and rectal pain, fever, burning when urinating or even inability to urinate, pus or blood in the urine, discharge as well as sexual problems – erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, painful ejaculation for this try Fildena 200 or vigora 100, blood in ejaculate and many more. The diagnosis of inflammation is followed by treatment, either with antibiotics or treatment without the use of drugs, such as massages, baths or the use of natural preparations.

Prostate cancer

The most serious disease is prostate cancer. The symptoms of cancer are often the same as with classic prostatitis, so more detailed examinations are needed. Cancer is usually detected by the results of blood tests, and further visits to specialist outpatient clinics are needed to determine effective treatment.

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