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Gotu kola oil

What is Gotu Kola & it’s Benefits

All kinds of herbs have been used in India since ancient times. Also, in view of this corona period, there is a lot of awareness among people about natural medicines. Whatever be the time, we get a lot of benefit from the use of these herbs. So we must know about them.


Whatever the time, herbs have always been used not only in India but also abroad. Even in the Corona era, people are placing more faith in the use of drugs. One such herb is Gotu kola. It is very beneficial for your health. You must know about its benefits.


Gotu Kola which is used in skincare products more often. Its name is ‘Gotu kola’ from which the cream made is called ‘Cica cream’. You will get it easily in the form of cream, lotion and serum. Applying it regularly on the face causes skin repair, which gets rid of fine lines and blemishes. Now let’s know what is Gotu kola and its benefits on the screen.

What is Gotu Kola?

Gotu Kala is a medicinal plant, which is considered to be a brain enhancer in Ayurveda. Its scientific name is Centella Asiatica. It is also known as’ Mandukaparni ‘and Jal Brahmi’ in common language. This plant is found in moist places. It is used to remove many diseases. Its leaves are green. It flowers light purple, pink or white.


  • Gotu kola is found in a moist place. 
  • This plant is also known by Brahmi herb or Mandukarni. It is considered to be effective in reducing stress and increasing the ability of the brain.


When to use Cica Cream?

In fact, Cica cream suits every type of skin. And the best thing is that this cream can be used even without sensitive skin. The main material found in it is with anti-inflammatory properties. You can use this cream without any fear even after applying creams like Chemical Peel, IPL Treatment or Retinol. Applying it increases the production of collagen, which reduces the marks of ageing on the face.


Benefits of Gotu Kola containing Cica Cream

Stretch marks can be prevented by increasing the stretch marks by applying cream or gel made from Gotu Cola. This causes the mark of the stretch mark to lighten. This accelerates the production of cells and fibroblasts inside the skin, reducing the stretch mark visible on the body.

To Heal Your Skin

By applying this cream, wounds heal quickly. This is because it increases the production of cells on that part. It forms new blood vessels and heals the wound quickly.

Remove facial wrinkles

Gotu kola is rich in triturnine saponins. It is a compound element that helps the skin to remain tight and firm. It is also an excellent source of phytonutrients called flavonoids, which act as antioxidants and fight free radical damage. It increases the formation of collagen and skin tissue, which is important in maintaining skin elasticity and youthful glow.

Remove stains

Research suggests that if you apply a Gotu Cola cream on the skin for 6-8 weeks after removing the stitches, the spots can be reduced. To see the effect of this cream, use it 2 times a day.

Some other well-known benefits of Gotu Kola

Keeps the Mind Fit: If you are using Gotu kola, then your brain will work properly. It is very helpful in meditation and concentration.

Effective in Symptoms of Anxiety: Gotu is very beneficial in anxiety and stress. Many medical colleges in Kolkata researched this. It showed that Gotu kola oil reduces the symptoms of anxiety and the problems it causes. It is helpful in panic attacks, eating too much or eating less.

Controls Blood Pressure: According to scientific research, a high amount of total phenolic content is found in Gotu Cola. They can be helpful in high blood pressure. The research specifically mentions anti-hypertensive effects in flavonoids called quercetin.

Relieves Ulcers: You must have heard many times that many people get stomach ulcers. This problem is not relieved even after doing the medicine several times. The natural ingredients found in Gotu kola give relief from stomach ulcers. Gotu kola has antiallergy properties, which give relief in stomach ulcers.

Wound Healing: One of the many benefits of Gotu kola is healing the wound. In research, it has been revealed that by applying Gotu Kola, gel on the place of injury, the wound heals quickly.


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