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Food Recommendations for Impotence

A healthy diet is directly responsible for your sexual life. You can improve and sustain the sexual health with a healthy diet, supported by exercises and leading an active life.

A healthy diet includes vegetables, non vegetarian items and fruits. They not only nourish our body and but also promote smooth blood circulation to every cell in the body bring fresh oxygen and blood. A smooth flow of blood to sexual organ is a prerequisite for a healthy sexual life.  The function of an erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra 150mg can be easily completed by healthy diet without causing any side- effects. 

Foods that promote sexual health and cure signs of impotency 

Vitamin B complex food is considered the best food for a male sexual health. Every component of vitamin B is vital in maintaining different parts of the sexual life. It includes desire, testosterone, libido and endurance and stamina for sex. The intake of foods that give various parts of vitamin B increase sexual energy, boost products of sperms and enhance sperm motility.

Increase libido with food 

Decline in libido is one of the causes behind impotency in males. It has been observed that in mid years of life, the low libido is a cause behind erectile dysfunction in males. Erectile dysfunction makes it difficult to get and sustain a penile erection for penetrative sex.

Consumption of beans, peanuts, whole grain bread, walnuts, fish, milk, egg, and buck wheat porridge fulfills the deficiency of libido in males. 

Food for Sexual Energy

Eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, cheese, leafy green vegetables, spinach and broccoli help a male to get energy for sexual intercourse. These foods are part of the vitamin B 2, which is vital for growth and regeneration. Deficiency of this vitamin causes reduced blood flow and decrease in penile vascular tone. And the basic cause of erectile dysfunction is loss of blood flow in the penis for a hard erection.

Food for Testosterone Production

Lack of testosterone products, change in its production or imbalance in it often leads to lack of desire for physical intimacy. It often leads to erectile dysfunction in males. Non vegetarian items such as kidney, liver, eggs, green vegetables, seeds, nuts, are food items that product sexual health. These items are part of vitamin B5, which boosts sexual drive, enhances sexual arousal and stimulates an erection. Even a tablet like Levitra 60 mg will not work without adequate sexual stimulation for a penile erection.

Increase your libido 

Without adequate libido, there will be no role for erectile dysfunction medicines. Erectile dysfunction medicines work only when a man has the desire to make the love. The dose like Cialis 20mg only increases the blood flow towards the penis for a longer duration of 36 hours.  You need a good libido to get excited for sex. Only the drug will work for an erection. Consume legumes, wheat flour, nuts, oranges, apples, avocados, cauliflower, etc.

Food for Sperm Production

Sperm ejaculation is part of the orgasm. You will never get a joy of sex, if you do not get orgasm. An erectile dysfunction medicine will only make you get an erection, the orgasm you have to achieve. Vitamin B9 improves function of heart and stimulates sperm production.  Heart health in turn impacts sexual potency. Consume leafy dark green vegetables, beetroots, spinach, green onion, carrots, melon, apricots, beans, eggs, liver, kidney and mushrooms, avocado, etc.

Along with a healthy diet you need an active life to promote flow of blood circulation throughout the body. Cut consumption of alcohol, smoking and fatty food and junk food. Without a relaxed mind and tense free body, you cannot get full benefit from the health diet without support from active lifestyle.

Before using an erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra 120 mg or any other dose, make sure that you know the causes behind your erectile dysfunction. Emotional, psychological, and relationship issues can also lead to loss of interest in sex and subsequent cause of impotency. Treatment from an expert will help you to chart a course for retaking back your life. Along with food, you need to maintain intimacy with the partner.  Support from the partner helps to deal with mood swings, health crises, and emotional disturbances of personal and business life. Healthy food is only for the body. You also need a healthy and relaxed mind for a rejuvenated sexual life.

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