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Erectile Dysfunction and Alcoholism

Erectile Dysfunction and Alcoholism

Alcoholism directly impacts the sexual health of males. It has been estimated in medical studies that males with dependence on alcohol increases their chances of sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire.

Erectile dysfunction is lack of hard erection for a penetrative sex. It causes depression and frustration among males. It often causes discord in married life. Initially, it may a male may get some high from little alcohol for his sex session, but gradually, this leads to increase in consumption which hastens erectile dysfunction. The quick solution is popping up a Sildenafil 150 mg before sex, but permanent solution always includes totally absence from alcohol and smoking.

Relation of erectile dysfunction with alcoholism

In one major medical study conducted by a team of medical experts in de addiction centres confirmed the linkage between alcoholism and erectile dysfunction. One hundred males with dependence on alcohol were admitted in the centre. They all were tested on the criteria developed by the diagnostic centre for research for sexual dysfunction.

It was found during testing that 72 among 100 males had some form of sexual dysfunction. The common symptoms were premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and inability to sustain the erection for the completion of sexual intercourse. The major finding was that the amount of alcohol appeared to be directly responsible for their sexual weaknesses.

So, it has been confirmed that alcoholism causes erectile dysfunction and the amount of intake decides the degree of erectile dysfunction. In fact, a male who is heavily dependent on alcohol will get erectile dysfunction early than other males.

Adverse impact of alcoholism on male sexual health

The adverse impact on sexual life of a male with alcoholism may be due to depressant effect of alcohol, health issues caused by heavy drinking, or damage to blood vessels by drinking and combination of several psychological issues related to alcohol use.

Role of erectile dysfunction drugs

Such males who see some weakness in erection take drugs to get a hard penile erection. Some take a stronger dose like levitra 60 mg doses  to get a hard erection for staying longer. The drug boosts the erection process by pumping blood into spongy tissue of the penis. It makes the penis enlarged and engorged. This makes it easy for the penis to get erected.

However, the problem comes when a male is heavily depended on both drugs and alcohol for getting some kick before sex. It will only increase his dependence and make the degree of erectile dysfunction worse.

Later, it was seen that males reported less arousal, less interest in sex and difficulty in achieving orgasm and premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is ejaculation without completion of sexual intercourse. It is also problem that complicates the sexual relations with the partner.

Alcohol induced erectile dysfunction is reversible

Good news in these discussions is that it is possible to get back normal sexual life with absence from alcohol. If a man has only alcohol induced erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, it is possible and within the reach of all such males to reverse the issue. After withdrawal, you may use a lower dose 200 mg sildenafil citrate to get a penile erection, but the need for medicine will come down.

Not only males can get back erection, but they can get it normal as it was before the start of the problem. But for this they have to forget taking even a small unit of alcohol. Start the withdrawal from alcohol slowly and get out of it completely. You can take the help of experts or use your own will power.

Use of erectile dysfunction with alcohol causes reaction

When you are using any drug for erection, do not mix it with alcohol. Take water to swallow the tablet. Consider cialis 20 mg , a generic version of levitra, as it is considered safe with limited units of alcohol.

So, it has been confirmed by countless medical studies that alcoholism directly leads to erectile dysfunction. The degree of difficulty directly is proportional to the quantity of alcohol you take. Reduce the dependence on alcohol to reduce the degree of erectile dysfunction. Along with alcohol, smoking is a related issue. Often males take smoking and alcohol simultaneously. Both factors are responsible for erectile dysfunction. Never go beyond a limit and take of your diet, health and mental wellbeing.

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