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Anxiety and OCD in Jaipur

Counselling by Psychologist in Jaipur for Anxiety and OCD treatment

Anxiety and OCD are 2 mental illnesses sneaking into every home in Jaipur. Where anxiety is apprehension or perpetual negative thought process, that affects the mental stability and leads to harmful effects on the brain and body. OCD is obsessive-compulsive disorder that compulsively involves the patient in some repeated activity which doesn’t look natural.

The hardest reality is many of us don’t even identify the symptoms of anxiety and OCD and keep dragging the mental pain, considering it as a fate or habit. For instance, someone repeatedly knocking on wood or washing his hands might irritate you but the one who is doing is not even aware of the fact that he might suffer from OCD.

With the COVID-19 spread, where isolation has become a necessity, cases of anxiety and OCD patients have increased with substantial rate. Where going out is no choice, many are struggling with this hidden pain daily? If you feel you or your close ones are suffering from OCD and anxiety, then call on 098288 99902, for emergency consultation. Book the appointment for a counselling session with the psychologist in Jaipur.

 A counselling session with a psychologist for Anxiety and OCD treatment will help to understand the real cause of the mental problem, and then accordingly take the right treatment to curb the mental sickness which is affecting your personal, and family life.

Anxiety can be  of any nature. Some people feel panic disorder due to some sudden assignment or work or event. While few get panic attacks when asked to meet new people or target a gathering. Ironically, anxiety is always over some hypothetical situation. Something that has happened in the past or apprehension of something bad will happen.

OCD, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, GAD are some kind of anxiety that are common among people in Jaipur.

psychologist in Jaipur

If you have common symptoms like:

  1. increased fidgety
  2. continuous and assorted mood swings
  3. problem in getting sound sleep
  4. continuous fatigueness and dizziness
  5. Feeling continuous nausea, sweating or headache
  6. tightness in muscles and upset bowels.

Then you are suffering from Anxiety and you need counselling session with a psychologist to get the right treatment.

Reason by psychologist counselling for Anxiety and OCD

According to the National Health portal of India 2 persons in every 100 persons have OCD in their lifetime. They also state the OCD can happen to any gender and to any age group. The OCD and anxiety patients numbers have exploded in India. The alternative lifestyle, growth of social media, increase in working hours, nuclear family and peer pressure are main reasons for growing GAD and OCD problems.

Diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, chronic pains, thyroid pains are some medical reasons responsible for alleviating anxiety in people.

According to the studies even the genetic family history can be the reason for OCD behaviour among many.

The external environment can also create mental turbulence in many.  Incidence like peer pressure, performance pressure, inappropriate behaviour with spouse or in laws, are some major problems that have caused anxiety in many.

Treatments of Anxiety and OCD in Jaipur

Anxiety is psychological stress that involves mind and body. It exhausts us not only physically but also drains out all the emotions and sensitivity in the brain. It is important to understand the intensity of the problem and undergo a counselling session with the psychologist to overcome the situation and lead a better quality of life.


Psychologists will conduct a detailed and structured test to assess your mental stability and then will prescribe you the treatment. Dr Sanjay Jain is the psychiatrist in Jaipur who is also authorised to provide therapies and counselling to people who are suffering from anxiety and OCD.


The treatment can involve exercises, right food habits, meditation or even taking a day or week off from your daily routine and spending days with nature. Spending time with family or life done is also one of the self recreation that can help to lift from drowning depression


The other treatment to cure anxiety and OCD is through medication. Some anti depressants and anti anxiety pills can help to calm down the CB1 receptors of our ECS.  A psychologist is not a medical doctor so he cannot suggest you medicine, but a psychiatrist is a doctor who is approved to provide you medicine along with professional counselling.


Soothing aromatic candles and bath salts are some medicated accessories which are used by many to relax from unknown fear and anxiety.


The most important treatment for anxiety and OCD is counselling. The psychologist uses cognitive behaviour techniques (CBT) to help the patient acknowledge the thinking pattern which created OCD and anxiety disorder. With the help of therapies and counselling the patient slowly recover from the pattern and start being more positive and relaxed.

How Counselling by Psychologist will Help in Anxiety and OCD

Psychologist is a learned and licensed person who is capable of diagnosing any mental issues. While pursuing a doctorate degree they are trained to specialise in treating mental issues like Anxiety, OCD, stress, depression, learning disability, post-traumatic, schizophrenia ,etc.

 They are experienced to do psychotherapy, CBT tests,  and to analyse the results. With their expertise they specifically:

  1. Diagnose the accurate reason of anxiety and compulsive behaviour
  2. Help people to understand the event that  initiated the disorder
  3. Counselling with a psychologist can help patients to accept and adapt the changes in them.
  4. Psychologists are counsellors that lend ear to their patients and patiently listen to their grief and resentment.
  5. Psychologists can also help people with rehabilitation in mass. They are appropriate to call in an event in prison or industries for betterment of mind.

Counselling By Psychologist in Jaipur

If you are staying in Jaipur, then finding a good psychologist for your anxiety and OCD is not a problem. Dr Sanjay jain is threebestrated psychiatrist who is known for his precise diagnosis of the problem and providing treatment accordingly.

Counselling By Psychologist in Jaipur is a US based ranking website that keenly assesses the doctors and entrepreneurs based on their services, experience, qualification, reviews , google rankings , authentic information on the website and their location. Dr Sanjay Jain  laissez-passer all the said criteria by flying color.

He is the best psychologist in Jaipur cured thousands of patients in 13years of his working profile. He is the best doctor with exposure to various international research on neuroscience and psychology. He studied at a renowned SMS hospital in Jaipur. His clinic is in the city’s heart which is well connected with Malviya Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar, Tonk road and all the major residential areas of Jaipur. He also provides online counseling sessions through video chat are also in demand because of  covid-19 pandemic crisis. His counselling fees start by as low as Rs 500. With over 100 reviews and 5-star rating, Dr Sanjay Jain tops the list of search “ Whom to consult for anxiety and OCD”.

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