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The problem that never exists – you and the girls

You check out kissing couples in parks and on the streets, and you understand that you simply won’t have this… Does your friend mention his sexual adventures, but have you ever ever had normal sex (or almost never)? does one hate all the women on the earth because they choose all types of freaks rather than you? And you’ll calculate “just friendship”… Girlfriends tell you that you simply won’t catch on (in 100 years). And friends only ridicule of you and troll behind your back. Yes? this is often true? If I guessed a minimum of a touch , then this text is for you!


With the assistance of this easy but vital material, you’ll end up a true girl, both for sex and relationships, and for building a family!


All you would like is simply to be ready to read and analyze information at the extent of a grape snail. If you recognize the way to do that , then your loneliness are going to be finished forever.


Today in our society it’s not accepted to debate the issues of finding a woman . It seems that a young man from 13 to 18 years old, should find himself a “lady of the heart”, having done everything silently and quickly.


At an equivalent time, you ought to not roll in the hay with anyone you’ll , from neighbors to your mother’s girlfriends, so as to “wake up”, so to talk . you’ll regret doing it.


At the age of 23-25 the guy should have already got a wife who loves him, may be a beauty and never cheats.


But these social requirements aren’t always easy to satisfy . Indeed, thanks to various circumstances, you’ll be simply “thrown out of the circle”, because you’re just not that popular. Everyone has the impression that you simply are a nerd. the women walk off from you thousand miles. you’re alone!


Or another example: you are doing not smoke or drink and every one your friends roll in the hay . They get drunk dead with familiar girls and fuck like rabbits and you’re just an honest boy, whom all girls respect, but the reality is, they never provides it to you…


It’s not a incontrovertible fact that you’re bad. you’re just different. you’re not just like the remainder of your friends and acquaintances. you’re very different which completely destroys you, making you a notorious psycho out of a traditional person.


The fact is that today, to be alone, it’s not necessary to be a unsound three-headed oyster. Smart, talented and even physically attractive people often remain without relationships and sex. they’re sitting alone, browsing these fake dating sites on the web . There are very handsome, powerful and attractive guys who ask themselves an equivalent question as you: “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I even have a girlfriend? ” “He is wired” – that is what people say about lonely guys in society. you cannot just substitute company and say:


– Oh, I’ve never fucked anyone and expect that one among the women will fix it? We are, kind of like, all classmates, and will help one another . No, it isn’t very easy to unravel this problem. you want to do everything yourself, quietly, quickly and efficiently.


But nobody is teaching you ways to urge the girl to roll in the hay you. In families, this is often not normal to debate and if discussed, it sounds extremely stupid. you probably did not have a woman in 20 years. You never even kissed. So what? attend your mom and ask, “What to do?” she is going to tell you, something like: always leave wearing a hat, placed on a shirt and speak without a mat. Then you’ll tend all the women within the universe – in any case , you’re my best. And if you ask your father, then you will not achieve anything either. the foremost important thing he will say is that – bitches must be grabbed by the ass and dragged into the bushes, as was his youth. Moreover, his youth was far better than yours today.. Only here, before these very bushes, you ought to make the primary impression. you would like to speak about something, like convince the girl of your dreams to an intimate wave then on. Attract girls together with your appearance, your behavior, presents, flowers and far more, just not the wired way.


Everything is like in wrestling. The opponent (that is, the girl) must be ready to get out of balance, and only then apply one or another trick to her. If we address the question, “Why numerous good guys are single? for instance , when a man falls crazy with a woman and starts to concentrate to her, then everyone around laughs…


If something went wrong, then you’re a lifelong muddler and sucker for everybody . But at an equivalent time, the utilization of alcohol, drugs or beating people or theft is fully encouraged. All this is often considered quite cool. that’s why the blokes are getting more and more locked in themselves, afraid to require the primary step with the women they like. But the bastards of various stripes, on the contrary, affect nothing shy and prosper.


In our world, nobody pays attention to the issues of single males. But the pain is from unrequited love or from a posh of relationship issues and sex could be compared with depressive disorder or a withdrawal . Only this pain excites only those that are “just a lover with the girls”. Psychologists, the general public , the women themselves, parents, friends don’t see this as an enormous problem.


What is it that I found a lady , but he can’t! Either he doesn’t want to, or a fool. that’s exactly what all their friends consider singles.


It’s important to recollect that relationships with girls, it’s like driving a car. for instance , if you reside within the family of a motorists, then you’ll drive round the city with almost no training. And if you’ve got never in your life got an opportunity to drive a car, and are even bereft of natural skills, then you’ll need tons of preparation at the auto school.


In particular, when a man has had sisters or close female friends since infancy , he has long been familiar with communicate with them. For him, a lady isn’t a mystery, nor any mysterious flower. Already from 13 years old he’s on an absolute hunt and finds himself a bunch of women , not seeing this as a drag . But if you’ve got only communicated with guys all of your life, otherwise you haven’t tried to seek out a standard language with the women , then you’re much worse. It doesn’t mean you’re gay. you are doing not know which side to approach the women from, afraid and shy. you’ve got to seek out how to beat this. Sometimes getting a drink isn’t such a nasty idea…


As a result, after several unsuccessful attempts to hitch the circle of relationships with the women , you only hand over , become depressed or angry. And time is running out. And voila! you’re already 23, but you didn’t even have normal sex. At an equivalent time, your friends have already changed several girls. you are doing not want to exist once you realize this. But nobody sees such a drag besides you. this is often not a drag in the least , believe me. Work with yourself. attempt to change it any way possible.


Forget about sitting on the front of the TV and masturbating. you would like to be real, upfront and honest. Never be scared of expressing yourself. don’t sound like some quite freak. Be smooth and knock the girl of your dreams from her feet. otherwise you can start with getting a sex dool that appears like real live woman and practice together with her for now.


Among other things, the stereotypical thinking of the many people features a great influence. once you do something or suffer from something, then you set on a particular mask to cover your emotions.


For example, you’ve got a lover , John, who has slapped girls on butt chicks in highschool , smokes, drinks, and always makes greasy jokes. Since the creation of the planet , girls love him (he is God for them). Someone is usually crazy with him. Behind him comes a crowd of female individuals, flowing him on Facebook or Instagram. you’re an easy gamer (for example). you wish to play video games and you recognize the way to roll in the hay well. But you behave during a rather closed way in real world . You sensibly understand that you simply got to be like John. Otherwise, you’ll never roll in the hay and even a kiss. Believe me, you’re John, you only never coached yourself.


As a result, you abruptly start flirting with the women and behaving vulgarly. And you recognize what? Everybody takes you for a true psycho! How so? they assert – our friend generally is gone nuts. We must stand back from him. Some quite pervert… – that’s exactly what everyone who is around you’ll say about your behavior. you are doing not understand what the matter is and what’s happening is stereotypical thinking of society. If most are wont to the very fact that you simply don’t show your sexuality, don’t communicate with girls, don’t kiss the women , then such a habit won’t work. Find new friends and begin behaving differently. Only few people understand that you simply also are an individual which you, too, “want sweets”. As a result, oblique glances and mock are what’s expecting you.


This is what stops many guys. They simply don’t want to vary their external and spiritual image, so as to not attract the additional views of others. All this makes them not attractive and this is often extremely disastrous and sad.


At first glance, everything could seem too complicated. But complexity only arises once you start to panic. If you retain calm, then you’ll surely succeed. to offer you extra motivation, i used to be a gamer a bit like you. My life may be a sad story, until i noticed the way to behave around girls. i attempted to introduce myself to the circle of relationships with girls with none success for several years. I made many mistakes and suffered due to this. If you think about yourself a failure, then i feel that there are a minimum of two folks . So, you’re not alone in your struggle! Today i’m the owner of a porn video production company in California and having sex with one, two, three beautiful porn models each day . That’s just a day life. I only realized the way to attract girls after I turned 40.

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