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Different Methods to Send Rakhi to Your Sibling When You’re Away!

Rakhi is the celebration that defines genuine importance, the need of real and true bonds, and how they are essential to us. Rakhi celebration is regarded as an excellent event, and it is a special day for each brother and sister. On this day, the brother visits his sister at her home. It always occurs on the fifteenth day of the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar in August month when it is raining everywhere, and everything is delightful and beautiful.

In earlier days, sisters were used to buying Rakhi from the market and sending Rakhi to India through the post; but nowadays, in the tech world, sending Rakhi is exceptionally easy, and with a single snap, anyone can send Rakhi. Countless web-based gifting stores help to send Rakhi to Chandigarh or any corner of the country. In this way, sisters can send Rakhi easily to any place without any problems and any boundation. A sender needs to visit the specific webpage and select the Rakhi according to the spending from the enormous variety offered on the website of online gifting. Some of the ways of sending Rakhi are mentioned below.

Rakhi Delivery through courier:

Sisters, living far from their brother, used to send their Rakhi and Rakhi presents through mail or post. Sending Rakhi through posts was the oldest technique. Indeed, even today, a few people who, despite having internet and pc, use this alternative to send Rakhi to faraway places.

Some, to this day, still prefer this technique because it is reasonable. Sending through courier is conventional, but sometimes it is faster than online Rakhi delivery. Most courier companies send with extra packing and take fees according to the weight of the mail. Most dispatches companies charge per mile rate, which keeps the costs low.

Rakhi delivery through online:

Almost every person in the nation, including those who are out of the country, send Rakhi online for this event. Different online shops give diverse Rakhi, like gold Rakhi, customized Rakhi, priceless Rakhi, etc. Online stores altogether can reduce the burden from the people who are looking and choosing a decent, elegant, stylish, yet reasonable Rakhi for a unique sibling.

Online stores are useful for those living far away from their family and have a working PC and web. A person can arrange Rakhi online for the kin or offer gifts to their sisters, such as cakes, blooms, confectionary, dry fruits, and even food from any restaurant. Cake and rose presents are especially the most notable choices.

One favorable thing about shopping from the web is that you can discover numerous Rakhi for your dear one. Another advantage of online shopping is that a person can send Rakhi to any destinations and buy amazing presents, as well, with low costs.

There are different kinds of Rakhi in the market to offer your unique sibling. There are various Rakhis with beading on it, and you can find them with a wide range of shading choices. Also, there are many Rakhi for youngsters too. These contain animation characters engraved in it, which especially favorite of the kids. These rakhis add the extra shimmer to the custom. There are also special Rakhi sets; some contain pearls, while others have the gold and silver designs. Customized Rakhi for the dear is additionally in fashion nowadays.


Some different types of Rakhis-


Wristband Rakhi

A wristband Rakhi is a string that looks like an armband and is ideal for somebody who is stylish and wants to follow the trend of the current fashion. Your sibling can have this Rakhi tie much after the celebration is finished.


Rudraksha Rakhi:

If your sibling is spiritual, at that point, a Rudraksha Rakhi will be appropriate. A Rudraksha Rakhi is produced using a string beaded with the amazing Rudraksha with amazing power of healing.


Zardosi Rakhi:

Zardosi ornaments enchant every one of us. Anyway, why not send a Zardosi Rakhi of the best weaving work of art on it? This Rakshi has ornamentation that embellishes these Rakhis to make sure to draw everyone’s attention. Some of these Rakhis come with glossy silk, while some multicolor stoneworks. A Zardosi Rakhi holds an extraordinary spot among the assortment of various kinds of Rakhi that you can purchase for your sibling.


High-priced Rakhis:

Apart from this previously mentioned Rakhis, some Rakhis have caused a huge trend nowadays. Among these, Diamond and Gold Rakhis and Pearl Rakhis can be a prominent choice for your brother’s wrist. A portion of these Rakhis has precious jewels, while some different have real precious stones. The use of pearls on these Rakhis gives it an excellent design.

So, these were some Rakhi choices and ways to send them. We hope it will help. And do not forget to find an online Rakhi gift delivery portal.

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